Become Acceptance Test Technician

The Acceptance Test Technician course is a 3 DAY CLASS, for this reason, prior to signing up for a certain ATT course, you need to plan ahead and make all the necessary accommodations.

The class fees do not include transportation or lodging, these expenses are to be paid by the individual student, so if you are traveling from a distant location, please consider the given information and plan accordingly.

NLCAA will provide refreshments and the material needed for the class.

Considerations and requirements

  • You don't have to be a certified general electrician to become an Acceptance Test Technician.
  • Participation in the technician certification program shall be limited to persons who have at least three years of verifiable professional.
  • Experience and expertise in lighting controls and electrical systems as determined by the Lighting Controls ATTCPs.
  • Demonstrate their ability to understand and apply the Lighting Controls Acceptance Test Technician certification training.
  • Certificate of completion about lighting controls technology by Lighting Controls Association LCA.
    Courses EE‐101; EE‐102 §1, §2; EE‐103 §1, §2; EE‐105; EE‐110; EE‐201 (70% to Pass)

What you will need to bring:

  • Laptop or Tablet.
  • Notebook or notepad (For diligent note-taking).
  • Writing utensil.
  • Calculator.
  • Any other personal belonging that you might need for the duration of three-day course.