Acceptance Test Employer Certification Online

NLCAA Employer’s Certification Course Online

To further assist Acceptance Test Employer Certification, we have submitted our “Online EmployersCertification Course” to the Staff at the California Energy Commission, and
they have approved NLCAA to conduct the Employers Certification Course

The only stipulation is that the Employer must take their 27 question
final, open book, exam at our local representative facility.

Once we grade your final exam with a passing grade we will issue your Employer Certification
Number and you will be listed on our website.

The Employer Certification will not suffice to performed the Lighting Control Acceptance Testing you still need to have yourself and or your employe to take NLCAA Acceptance Test Technician (ATT) Certification Course to perform the Acceptance Testing required by the Energy Code.

The Acceptance Test Technician is a three-day course with prerequisites. We will be conducting NLCAA ATT classes in areas that have a minimum of nine registered, approved, and paid individuals.