Falsifying Acceptance Testing Forms

Examples of Falsified Reports

Testing procedures that are not being performed correctly and N.R.C.A. forms being falsified.

Michael Scalzo recently had been witnessing these issues which are occurring more often, additionally talking with other AT's (CALCTP too) we are seeing more of this happening. Michael always follows up to verify that these are not NLCAA projects, which so far we haven't had any of these issues known to us.

This is an impact to both the NLCAA AND CALCTP for reputation and

Example #1

5000 Sq/Ft office TI

I was mentoring a new AT on a project, while onsite we explained to the GC that the plans and installation were not compliant and could not pass testing.

The project lacked correct area controls, daylight controls, correct skylight zoning, auto shut-off; there were a couple of areas that were compliant.
The new AT provide the corrections to be addressed.
The GC after contacting the city to see if the testing was required as stated by the AHJ inspector which it was, hired a new AT who passed the project without any corrections done.

Example #2

1200 Sq/Ft Retail

CALCTP AT provide bid and stated plans were not compliant and testing would not pass. GC hire other AT and passed testing as is.

Example #3

10000 Sq/Ft Retail

Passed AT testing without any multi-level controls, daylighting

This was reported by and Electrical contractor on my AT project when he stated that he never saw dimming in stores before working on a national chain store; this year.  He stated that the AT came to the other sites and provided the paperwork without any testing; AT onsite 30 minutes.

Example #4

5000 Sq/Ft OfficeTI

I was onsite two recent projects as a Leviton mfg commissioning technician.
I was directed to program the controls without regard to T24 compliance, contractor had an in house AT that passed the non-compliant project.

Contractors and owners are learning that they can find companies that will provide falsified NRCA paperwork and at a much reduced cost.
This is relevant in  many jurisdictions throughout CA. Not only is it undermining Title 24 compliance program, but also that legitimate contractors will not be able to compete against these types of testers.  I would like to know if you have heard of this from someone other than myself and have you given any thought to remedies.

Remember signing the Declaration form it states; 
I certify the following under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of California:

NLCAA is obligated to report these incidents in order to report it correctly we need the following information.
What was falsified (documented)
Address of the project.
Permit number.
Building and Safety.
Electrical Contractor.    
Name of the test technician.     
Name of the test technician employer.
Name of other witnesses