Title 24, Part 6 – Lighting Controls Requirements Training

In this 2-day course you will learn what triggers the requirements of installation, functionality, and testing of lighting controls, and learn what exceptions can be utilized to value engineer your next project.

Building Energy Efficiency Standards
  • §100.1 – Definitions
  • §110.9 – Mandatory Requirements for Lighting Controls
  • §110.12 – Mandatory Requirements for Demand Management
  • §130.1 – Mandatory Indoor Lighting Controls
  • §130.2 – Outdoor Lighting Controls And Equipment
  • §130.4 – Lighting Control Acceptance And Installation Certificate Requirements
  • §140.6 – Prescriptive Requirements of Indoor Lighting
  • §141.0 – Additions, Alterations and Repairs
Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations
Reference Appendices: NA7 and NA8 (Acceptance Testing procedures)

Add an additional day to the Title 24, Part 6 course and become a CA certified Lighting Controls Acceptance Test Technician. The 3rd day contains written and hands on functional testing of the Lighting Controls Requirements Training.


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