About Us

NLCAA - National Lighting Contractors Association of America

In November, 2014 NLCAA (National Lighting Contractors of America) Inc. was approved by the California Energy Commission as an Acceptance Test Technician Certified Provider; one of only two providers in the entire state of California.

An Acceptance Test Technician (ATT) focuses on testing lighting controls to verify their compliance with Title 24, Part 6, of Mandatory Lighting Controls.

The NLCAA mission is to satisfy the growing needs in the Energy Efficiency industry by acting as a technically superior, yet customer-oriented Acceptance Test Certified Provider.

NLCAA, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides service, support, training and certification to Acceptance Test Technicians, and Acceptance Test Employers (ATE). NLCAA supports the construction industry by providing Advocates to review the proposed “New Energy Standards.” Subsequently, your membership pays for the provision and support of our Advocates. Therefore, it is important to understand that having influence in the Energy Standards Building Code prior to law will keep the construction industry informed regarding the financial impact that the new law will have on their construction projects.

Acceptance Test Technicians were proposed in 2008 and are now officially required. Unfortunately, the construction industry is still poorly equipped on how to implement the 2013 Energy Standards; which is why we provide our services, as they are needed now more than ever.

Acceptance Test Technicians receive extensive training in order to have and develop the ability to review lighting controls that must comply with Title 24, Part 6, of Mandatory Lighting Controls.

Acceptance Testing Software

NLCAA, Inc. has developed and owns its own software that resides in our cloud; which has been reviewed by the California Energy Commission Staff.

  • The software is utilized by the Acceptance Test Technician to enter testing data with an IPAD, tablet, and/or smart phone.
  • All required forms are generated by the software.
  • You may print out all the forms.
  • The required test calculations are embedded in the software to eliminate mathematical errors.
  • The software provides helpful features such as taking pictures of the devices tested for quality assurance.
  • Required signatures for the Declaration Form will be entered by using a stylus from any location.
  • Certificates of Acceptance will be automatically emailed to building inspector, provided that you enter their email address.
  • NLCAA, Inc. maintains the computer-based data registry that functions as a repository of information for the required 3 years. Information can be easily accessed by the ATTs, building departments, contractors, and government agencies.