Acceptance Test Employer Application

  1. Requirements

Become Acceptance Test Employer

  • Due to state regulations, every Certified Acceptance Test Technician must work under or be a Certified Acceptance Test Employer.
  • NLCAA’s ATE course is an 8-hr online class that allows you to work at your own convenience.
  • The regular price of the ATE class is $650 but if you choose to sign up for our class today the cost is only $325.00.
  • This cost not only includes access to the class, but you will also have an Employer Handbook mailed to you in order to follow along and keep as a reference tool going forward.

Considerations and requirements

  • The Employer applicant must have applicable business license(s) or business tax certificate(s) number for all offices that are registering to employ acceptance test technicians.
  • If the employer applicant or any of the owners, officers, or partners of the employer had a contractor license or business license suspended or revoked any time in the last five years, they are not eligible to become a NLCAA Employer.
  • If the Employer applicant or any of the its owners, officers or partners ever been found liable in a civil suit or found guilty in a criminal action for fraud, theft, or any other acts of dishonesty, they are not eligible to become a NLCAA Employer.
  • NLCAA Employers must have a compressive general liability insurance policy with a policy limit of at least $1,000,000.
  • NLCAA Employers must have workers compensation insurance. (if required by the state).
  • NLCAA Employers must have at least 3 years of verifiable experience in lighting controls systems.

Have the following documents ready

  • Copy of Business License.
  • Copy of insurance policy. (General Liability and Worker’s Comp)
  • Copy of your Electrical Contractor License.
  • Proof of Ownership. (An official document with the business and owner's name shown)
  • Responsible Party Authorization Letter. (If applicant is different than owner)
  • Experience Qualification Questionnaire. (Found on the resources page.)

Application Process

  • Create an account in our website.
  • Complete the personal information section of the application.
  • Complete the company information section of the application.
  • Submit the required documents.
  • NLCAA personnel reviews the application for completion.
  • You are notified of approval.
  • Log in to make your payment.
  • Complete your Class.
  • Pass the final quiz with a 70% or better.
  • Get your ATE Number and Certificate emailed to you.
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