Acceptance Test Employer Application

Become an Acceptance Test Employer

  • The state of California requires that all ATEs take an online recertification course each new code cycle, regardless of when they were certified. The next code cycle will take effect Jan, 1st 2023.
  • Due to state regulations, every Certified Acceptance Test Technician must work under or be a Certified Acceptance Test Employer.
  • NLCAA’s ATE course is an 4-hr online class that allows you to work at your own convenience.
  • The regular price of the ATE class is $650 but if you choose to sign up for our class today the cost is only $500.00.
  • This cost not only includes access to the class, but you will also have an ATE Handbook mailed to you in order to follow along and keep as a reference tool going forward.

Considerations and Requirements

  • The ATE applicant must have an applicable business license, business tax certificate or EIN number.
  • If the ATE applicant or any of the owners, officers, or partners of the employer had a contractor license or business license suspended or revoked any time in the last five years, they are not eligible to become an NLCAA ATE.
  • If the ATE applicant or any of the its owners, officers or partners ever been found liable in a civil suit or found guilty in a criminal action for fraud, theft, or any other acts of dishonesty, they are not eligible to become an NLCAA ATE.
  • NLCAA ATEs must have a compressive general liability insurance policy with a policy limit of at least $1,000,000.
  • NLCAA ATEs must have worker’s compensation insurance. (if required by the state).
  • NLCAA ATE must have at least 3 years of verifiable experience in lighting controls systems.
  • Please note as an ATE you will be required to purchase a testing software license per permit number. The cost can range between $200-$250 depending on single or bulk purchases

Application Process

  • Create an account on our website.
  • Complete the personal information section of the application.
  • Complete the company information section of the application.
  • Submit the required documents.
  • NLCAA personnel reviews the application for completion.
  • You are notified of approval.
  • Log in to make your payment.
  • Complete your online class.
  • Pass the final quiz with a 75% or better.
  • NLCAA emails your ATE Number and Certificate.

Have the Following Documents Ready

  • Government ID
  • Electrician Certification Card (If applicable)
  • Electrical Contractor’s License (If applicable)
  • Business License, Business Tax Certificate or EIN Number
  • Insurance policy (General Liability and Worker’s Compensation, if applicable)
  • Experience Qualification Questionnaire
    (Found on the resources page.)

Please provide your personal information. We will only use this information if we are unable to contact you with the company information you provide us on the next tab.